Monday, November 30, 2009

Patch Adams Is Coming to Town

The Good Doctor, Patch Adams is Coming to Town: Dec. 5-10

A Warm Welcome to One and All!

“Patch Adams has put on paper his vision of patient centered health care – a vision that has inspired so many over the years. Patch’s ‘crazy dream’ is, in reality, the root of what good health care should be all about. . . . Any health care professional who reads “Gesundheit” will come away with a renewed sense of mission and joy about what they do.” Rick Wade: Senior VP the American Hospital Ass.

Physician and Founder of the Gesundheit Institute , leading light in the field of Health CARE, an international folk hero and blessed clown, Patch has brought his commitment to healing to war zones, prisons, hospitals, classrooms, and orphanages around the world, as well to our medical schools and halls of Congress, near and far.

Patch’s travels bring him to Concord for a week, where the “Good Doctor” will speak at different locations (see the following) in our town about what we can do together – children, parents, grandparents – to serve the healing of our health CARE system, as glimpsed in the movie, Patch Adams, starring Robin Williams: A labor of love.

For further information on Patch’s visit,
contact Stuart Weeks, Founder, The Center for American Studies at Concord

All events, with the exception of the student assemblies, are open to the public. There is no admission fee; contributions, as your fortunes allow, are gratefully received to support the "Good Doctor's" valiant labors.

Saturday, Dec. 5

* 7:30 pm, Harvey Wheeler Center, West Concord

Sunday, Dec. 6

* 9:00-9:45 am, Trinity Episcopal Church Forum

* Sunday afternoon, neighborhood meetings in Concord. Contact Angela Washburn for; 617-759-7959

Monday, Dec. 7

* 3-5 pm Trustees' Room, Concord Free Public Library, RSVP

* 7 pm Concord-Carlisle High School Cafeteria

Tuesday, Dec. 8

* 3:00 – 4:30 Brandeis University, Pearlman Lounge, (Room 110), Pearlman Hall

*  7:00 p.m. Westford Academy, 30 Patten Road, Westford, MA

Wednesday, Dec. 9

* 9:58 - 11:03 am: Lincoln-Sudbury High School Student Assembly

* 7:30 pm Lincoln-Sudbury High School Auditorium

Thursday, Dec. 10

* 1:30- 3pm: Join Patch Adams for lunch at Nashoba Brook Bakery, W. Concord